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Are you out of
your senses?

Explore Ski amadé with all your 5 senses!
Show your friends how distictive your senses are.


FUNSLOPE for a fun day’s skiing

Skiers can really let off steam at the FUNSLOPE in Gastein. Taking the obstacles develops skills and increases enjoyment. Children and teens love playful features such as bridges, tunnels and a snail. Novices and proficient skiers will return time and again to this new highlight.

Thrills for the fearless

Unique attractions await you here in the form of the 140 metre long suspension bridge on the Stubnerkogel and the Glocknerblick viewing platform. The brave are rewarded on this walking tour with a suitable dose of adrenalin and an unforgettable view.

Walk into nothingness

On the Dachstein, you can experience an indescribable thrill with a view. Just imagine: A suspended bridge with a view of the highest peak in Austria, a clear view of the Dachstein Schroffen rocks, 400 metres of air underneath you and then the unique step into nothingness. Who dares to hover above the rocks on the glass viewing platform?

Ready for Ski amadé


These are the Ski amadé fans who have already sharpened their senses.
Don't miss the smallest detail and enjoy Ski amadé with all your 5 senses.

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