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Summit Victory & gourmet breakfast in Gastein

A sublime moment at 2,700m! With only a short walk, in company of a local guide, from the top station of the gondola you can conquer the peak and enjoy the spectacular views and gain the summit victory. The gourmet breakfast lures in the legendary glass-aluminium-dome of the famous architect and designer Gerhard Garstenauer. An impressive natural spectacle and freshly prepared local food - the ingredients for a memorable breakfast.

Schafalm on the Planai

A magnificent view, a lively atmosphere and terraces for every kind of weather are offered by the Schafalm. The ski hut lies right beside the piste near the top station and is thus the ideal place for short and longer breaks in skiing.

Maximum enjoyment on the FUNSLOPE in Großarl

The new FUNSLOPE in the Fun Area adds extra spice to skiing. The 380-metre course provides three 6-metre tunnels, a wave, a banked run, a 5-metre hollow and a 7-metre big tube for added enjoyment. Skiing couldn’t be more fun. There’s an extra reward at the end of the High Five Special - at the end of every successful run you can swerve to a stop, like you’ve seen the champions do, at the end of the course.

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